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Our family's history in the Riviera Maya began in 1977...long before

the area was even referred to as such.

In those early years, we pioneered the hospitality industry south of Cancun when we developed a rustic beachfront tent village known as KaiLuum which was located just north of Playa del Carmen.

Over the years, we developed and operated other boutique hotels in Playa del Carmen.

In the 80's and 90's Playa del Carmen grew at an unprecedented rate...estimated at 25% annually for many years. By some estimates, Playa's staggering growth rate was considered to be the highest in the world.

Playa's exponential growth caused us to seek property outside of Playa, near enough to be convenient, but not likely to be encroached upon by the areas seemingly never ending development.

So, in early 1997 we decided to look for a small parcel we could develop a weekend home on, a place that would allow us to escape from Playa del Carmen’s ever growing popularity and explosive growth.

Mentioning our interest in a causal conversation with an acquaintance led us to a property owner who was selling inaccessible jungle parcels.

To this day, we are not entirely sure what compelled us to purchase, sight unseen, these inaccessible parcels. Regardless, in May of 1997, we became proud owners of a couple of virgin jungle acres.

In October of 1998, despite the fact we still did not have vehicle access, we started clearing our property. This meant hiking nearly two miles through dense virgin jungle on narrow surveyor's paths while carrying whatever hand tools and supplies were required to get the job done.

Just eight months after we began clearing the underbrush, we finished the first incarnation of our "ranch", our weekend home. We celebrated with a grand party for our closest friends and family. Needless to say, everyone was impressed with our rather exotic accomplishment.

At some point we realized referring to our little piece of heaven as "the ranch", did not dignify how important and cherished a place "it" had become.

With the help of our Mayan staff, we ultimately came across two words “tani” and “nah”. This Mayan portmanteau was ideal…Taninah.

In the language of the Maya, tani means "in front" or "first" while nah means "home". Taninah (pronounced with an accent on the last "a" in “nah”) would be a perfect name for our little jungle retreat...after all, we were the first to build a home in this spectacular virgin jungle.

For the first four years we were undeniably selfish, reserving Taninah exclusively for our personal use - spending as much time as possible there. We never stopped working on it, exploring our exotic surroundings, discovering the abundant indigenous wildlife, and simply relaxing there.

Over the years, applying our imagination, ambition, creativity, and passion, we continually made improvements to our property guided by one mission: To respectfully create our vision of paradise...the perfect place to enjoy our family and friends.

Our time spent at Taninah, watching our family swim, run, interact, play, discover, learn and grow has been nothing short of life-enriching.

The more we, and our extended family and friends were there, the more apparent it became that everyone eagerly looked forward to spending as much time as possible at Taninah.

Unbeknownst to us, while creating our own Garden of Eden, we were also organically creating a spectacular paradise for you, your family, and friends.

So, in 2003 we decided to share Taninah with the world by offering it as the most unique vacation experience and exotic rental property in the Riviera Maya.

If you are reading these words, we believe the powers that be have introduced you to Taninah for a reason...so that you, your family, and friends can come and create your own beautiful memories here.

We invite you to enjoy Taninah's stunning atmosphere and unique accommodations as well as all the exciting amenities. Our deepest desire is that Taninah's natural beauty, peaceful atmosphere, and unforgettable ambiance will revitalize your souls as it has ours.

It is with great honor that we now offer Taninah, our dream and passion to you and your family.

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