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Additional Services (not included)

Spa Services

Taninah offers a host of spa services ranging from manicures and pedicures to full body massages and luxurious facials. Please see our Spa Services page for details.

Excursions and Adventure Tours

We offer and can arrange for many exciting excursions and adventure tours. Some popular excursions should be reserved well in advance to ensure a secure spot. This is especially true if multiple people in your party want to go on a specific tour or partake in a particular experience together as a group.

Diving, Fishing, and Snorkeling Adventures

We will be happy to make all necessary arrangements for fishing, diving, and/or snorkeling adventures. Rest assured, we only recommend the most reputable service providers in the Riviera Maya. Many providers are located within 10 to 15 minutes of Taninah.

Weddings and Receptions

We are often asked about hosting weddings or receptions at Taninah and in reality, Taninah is the perfect place for both.

Allow Taninah to provide a singular setting, you provide the guests, and we'll help you arrange for one of the premier Riviera Maya wedding coordinators to handle all the details.

We only work with reputable wedding coordinators so we're certain they will handle all of your requests and ensure your wedding expectations are met.

Please contact us for details regarding a Taninah wedding or reception.

Shopping & Supply Service

Although our rate includes breakfast, a mid-day snack, and dinner ( seven-night reservations also include our starter beverage package), some guests may want non-menu food items or special liquor orders to be filled.

We're happy to provide a convenient shopping service so desired items and/or supplies are stocked prior to arrival. Items may also be ordered daily during your stay.

Car Rentals

We recommend all parties rent at least one vehicle.

Please read about our car rental recommendations.

DVD Library & Jungle Cinema Experience

We have a growing DVD rental library consisting of more than 300 movie titles and although seven-night reservation rates include viewing one DVD movie title in our "Jungle Cinema", additional viewings can be arranged at a nominal cost.

Upon request, our staff will arrange the furniture, bring out the bean bags, prepare the popcorn, and start your movie selection for a truly one-of-a-kind movie watching experience.

Note: Seven-night reservations include viewing one DVD movie in Taninah’s Jungle Cinema.

Professional Photographer

Taninah is often booked as the perfect location for a family reunion. Take advantage of your family being together with professional photographs. Services include:

  • 2 hour shoot with a professional photography team

  • Choice of formals, portraits, and candid shots

  • 48 color photos in 4 x 6 format

  • A tasteful photo album for instant presentation

  • A photo CD with all your photos

  • All negatives included

  • Your own website for 6 months

  • Laundromat Service

    We are more than happy to take guest laundry to a local Laundromat for washing and return to Taninah when ready (usually 24 hours). Please ask us for details.

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