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Incomparable Amenities

Taninah has many incomparable amenities; however, Taninah's most spectacular amenity is undoubtedly our very own private cenote (similar to a grotto).

Our cenote is filled with striking natural formations, including enormous stalactites and stalagmites, which, over the eons, were meticulously created one water drop at a time...eventually evolving into their present incarnation.

Over the course of our stewardship, we have made substantial improvements to our cenote while striving to maintain its original integrity. Most changes we've made were driven by our desire to make enjoying our cenote as safe as possible.

These changes include making entry safer and installing dramatic indirect lighting. Using flat limestone rocks, we also created three level spectator areas as well as ample stairs down to the water level.

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That said, our 13 ft. underground waterfall and ten ton hand carved Mayan hieroglyph are striking man-made features we were compelled to commission. However, our 30 ft. underground waterslide is undeniably our greatest indulgence.

Children and adults alike love this extreme underground waterslide experience which culminates with an invigorating plunge into our cenote’s magical pool of beautiful and crystal clear, blue water.

Unique Accommodations:

Exotic accommodations for up to 35 guests with additional beds and cribs available upon request.

Dining & Lounge:

Our rates include Leopoldo, your private Mayan cook, preparing outrageous fresh daily meals from our popular menu plan (including cost of food).

Taninah’s poolside dining, bar, and lounge areas are where our staff will serve your meals on your schedule.

Pool and Jacuzzi:

Refreshing swimming pool, eight person Jacuzzi, poolside bathroom, shower, and sun deck.

Game Room:

Taninah’s game room is furnished with a pool table, air hockey, ping pong table, foosball, gaming table, balls, bats, gloves, assorted rackets, Frisbees, horse shoes, croquet, and many other sports equipment.

Unparalleled Grounds:

Taninah’s exceptional grounds including extensive lawn areas, tropical gardens, shade palapas, picnic tables, fruit orchard, and vegetable gardens.

Padded Playroom:

Kids’ and toddler's padded playroom filled with Gymboree equipment. Also furnished with a playhouse, television set, and DVD player. See more below.

Extensive Play Areas:

Outdoor play areas including in-ground trampoline, swings, zip line, pull up bars, and more.

Library/Reading Room:

Furnished with a lending paperback book library, board games, large game table, television & DVD player, local maps, brochures, and area information Taninah’s library is well illuminated.

Multipurpose Room:

A Multipurpose Room equipped with free weights, Nautilus equipment, stationary bicycle, exercise balls, Taninah's Jungle Cinema Experience, and more.


Taninah’s spectacular kitchen is located under our pool-side palapa. This is where Leopoldo will work his magic preparing spectacular meals for you and your family.

Round-ball, Lawn & Racket Sports:

Basketball half-court, practice wall for tennis, lawn volleyball, and badminton.

Miniature Golf:

Challenging 9-hole miniature golf course providing hours of laughs and family fun.

More Play Areas:

Palapa covered tree house equipped with hammocks, a sand box, a zip line, a cargo net, and more.

Jungle Cinema Experience:

Jungle Cinema Experience located in the fitness room where we have installed a high quality digital projector, 10 foot drop down movie screen, DVD player, and a surround sound speaker system. A one-of-a-kind movie watching experience in the jungle!

Landscape Lighting:

Dramatic outdoor landscape lighting accentuates exotic jungle setting.

Landscape Features:

Multiple waterfalls, a meandering creek, and duck pond including a wonderful reflection/lounge hut.

Televisions and DVD Players:

Multiple television sets equipped with DVD players and a rental library of more than 300 DVD titles.

Musical Instruments:

Instruments available for gentle, creative use include an electronic keyboard, multiple percussion instruments, an acoustic guitar, and more.

For Babies and Toddlers (and parents too!)

For the convenience of guests traveling with babies and/or toddlers, we offer two cribs, two high chairs, one stroller, one exersaucer, and various other baby items and toys; however, parents will most appreciate Taninah's padded playroom.

As the name suggests, the floors and walls of this generous space are padded and the room is filled with Gymboree equipment. The padded playroom is also furnished with a playhouse, a television set, and a DVD player making it a perfect place for children to watch movies.

The padded playroom is located under our poolside palapa so it will be easy to keep an eye on the little ones while you lounge by the pool, enjoy a refreshing margarita in a poolside hammock, or enjoy fresh guacamole, salsa, and chips at one of our dining tables.

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