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Environmental Practices

Low Impact Construction Process

When we created Taninah our goal was simple...to minimize our impact on the naturally stunning virgin jungle.

We spent countless hours studying our property, envisioning the endless possibilities.

Our chief concern was to develop our dream respectfully taking great care to honor and protect the environment. Special attention was paid to the indigenous flora and fauna.

Structures and locations were thoughtfully designed and selectively placed to save if not highlight spectacular trees and exotic plants.

When impact was unavoidable, all transplantable foliage was carefully relocated and preserved.

By choosing a Taninah experience your minimizing your impact on the Riviera Maya helping sustain this beautiful region of Mexico for generations to come.

Renewable Construction Materials

We use indigenous, renewable building materials such as limestone, grass thatch, and reclaimed timber to provide naturally cool accommodations.

Concrete was used sparingly as our goal was to be surrounded by natural materials while maintaining a high level of comfort and aesthetic integrity.

Low Density Development

The combined footprint of all our constructed elements only utilizes 2.5% of our property’s total surface area. This means that 97.5% of our property is “green”.

Off-Grid Energy System

Taninah is off the electrical grid, yet constant energy is available throughout the property. Our energy system is quite extensive and provides the same current (110 volts) used in the United States and Canada.

Although there are some energy consumption limitations, for example hair dryers, curling irons, and other products that draw large amounts of electricity can only be used when our generator is operating, our energy system provides constant 110 volt electricity available 24/7.

Our system consists of 12 solar panels; a battery bank of 32 batteries; a 5,000 watt Trace Inverter; a 25,000 watt sound attenuated main LP generator; and two 6,500 watt back-up LP generators.

All generators consume clean burning propane and are fed by a 2,800 liter main propane tank and two 1,000 liter back up tanks.

Energy Efficient Appliances

We use highly efficient and clean burning LP appliances. These include water heaters, refrigerators, BBQ grills, oven, stove, and power generators.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

By consciously purchasing items and supplies which are not excessively packaged, and by reusing these items whenever possible, we reduce our waste flow.

We also recycle water, paper, aluminum, and glass.

Composting Toilets

We use waterless composting toilets that prevent contamination of the sensitive underground river systems.

By safeguarding these all important and fragile eco systems, we prevent further damage to our spectacular, yet delicate ocean reef structures.

Our composting toilets also provide an ideal solution for biodegradable waste disposal. Ultimately, the organic material generated from these composting bathrooms is utilized as fertilizer for our ornamental gardens.

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