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Family Style Meals Included

We believe a great vacation can only be deemed as such if
exceptional meals are an integral part of your experience.

It is our pleasure to include unique and delicious family style meals (including the
cost of food) as essential, and unforgettable
elements, of your Taninah experience.

Leopoldo, our “Mayan Chef", will cheerfully prepare breakfasts, a mid-day snack, and delicious dinners from our menu plan. Our menu plan contains Leopoldo’s most popular meals, which we are certain you will enjoy.

Taninah’s family style meals are prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients available and served on your schedule to suit your plans. We have no doubt Leopoldo’s cooking will satisfy your appetite as well as your palette.

Our daily menus offer both well-known and more exotic Mexican dishes, fresh sea foods, and even genuine regional (Yucatecan) cuisine.

We also do our best to handle vegetarian or special dietary requests.

In addition, moms need not worry about finicky eaters as children age 12 and under are offered kid friendly entrees in lieu of our established adult menus.

Please copy and paste the link below to your browser's search bar to access a DropBox file where you will find our menu plan.


At Taninah, you can also expect daily fresh squeezed orange juice (when in season), hot chocolate and/or coffee every morning and evening, as well as fresh fruit accompanying every breakfast.

Dinners generally include one of Leopoldo’s outrageous homemade soups or a fresh house salad (properly cleaned and disinfected). Yummy desserts are also to be expected.

Please Note: Any guest caught trying to shanghai Leopoldo will be fed to the jaguars!

Of course, you can always take advantage of our shopping service. We will be happy to purchase and stock any additional snack foods and/or beverage items you might desire.

All reservations include our starter beverage package which generally includes four cases of soda, four cases of purified drinking water, four cases of national beer, one bottle of white wine, one bottle of red wine, eight bags of purified ice, daily fresh-squeezed orange juice (when in season), morning and evening coffee and/or Mexican hot chocolate.

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