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Common Misconceptions

It would be a shame for anyone to miss-out on an unforgettable Taninah experience due to one or more misconceptions about our property.

For this reason, we implore you to read scanned images of our previous guests hand-written reviews.

In addition, we are happy to supply email addresses of Taninah’s most recent guests who have offered to be contacted as references.

We’re confident, if you communicate directly with those who have actually experienced Taninah (who probably had some of the same apprehensions you might have) we will have the honor of hosting you and your party for your own Taninah experience.

Please contact us for referrals.

Concerns regarding heat and air conditioning.

First thing to keep in mind is that our average day-time temperature year round is 85 degrees. The difference between summer and winter is that summer nights are warmer than winter nights and “heat waves” are possible in the summer.

Regardless, during the summer months, it is not at all uncommon to see much higher temperatures in many US cities than we experience here in the Riviera Maya.

Secondly, it is usually cooler "in the jungle" than say in Playa del Carmen or Cancun because the sun is absorbed by numerous trees, plants, and lawns as opposed to being reflected back at you by pavement, cars, buildings, etc.

Thirdly, many people think that the ocean breeze couldn't possibly reach our property. That couldn't be further from the truth. If there is a breeze on the beach, there is a breeze at Taninah. If it's windy at the beach it's windy at Taninah.

Most importantly, we have built our guest houses in a way that maximizes comfort by using cross ventilation, we've built our structures under tall trees (maximizing shade potential), and we've used proper building materials and techniques to ensure a cool environment.

In addition, our structures are furnished with floor and/or ceiling fans.

All of these make it not uncommon to have guests turn fans off (even in the summer) due to how cool our guest houses can get at night.

We completely understand why people's perception would be that it might be too hot or too uncomfortable; however, we believe it would be a shame to skip the opportunity of a Taninah experience based on this misconception.

Concerns regarding mosquitoes.

Although the entire Riviera Maya is subject to mosquitoes, locations closest to swamp and marshlands have a much higher population of mosquitoes than areas where stagnant water is sparse.

There are no swamps, marshlands, or other considerable sources of stagnant water in the jungles around Taninah.

This means mosquito populations in and around Taninah are significantly lower than at many beach-side resorts where swamps and marshlands are almost always nearby.

In fact, our pool-side palapa, where our staff serve Taninah's spectacular meals, isn't protected by mosquito netting. Just a dab of repellent at dawn and dusk is more than enough to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Concerns about perceived remoteness.

Taninah is quite literally located in the heart of the Riviera Maya. Cancun International Airport is located just 75 minutes north of Taninah.

The bustling cosmopolitan town of Playa del Carmen and its world famous 5th Avenue pedestrian walkway are located just 13 miles north of Taninah. Ferries to the island of Cozumel run throughout the day from Playa del Carmen.

Taninah is conveniently located near all of the Riviera Maya's major attractions... world famous Xcaret is only 20 minutes north; Puerto Aventuras Marina and Golf Resort/Community is just 10 minutes north; Akumal is 10 minutes south; and the majestic cliff side Mayan ruins of Tulum are only 10 minutes beyond Akumal.

Many adventure experiences such as swimming with dolphins, horseback riding, fishing, diving, snorkeling, ATV tours, cenotes, and many other area attractions are within 20 minutes of Taninah.

We are also located within 10 minutes of one golf course, within 30 minutes of 3 golf courses, within 45 minutes of 5 golf courses, and within an hour and a half of 7 golf courses.

Concerns regarding proximity to the beach.

Spectacular and kid-friendly Xpu Ha (pronounced shpoo - ha) beach is only a short fifteen-minute drive from Taninah.

Xpu-ha Xpu-ha Xpu-ha Xpu-ha

Although some guests anticipate spending a lot of time at the beach, in reality, most only go once or twice. This is primarily due to the fact they enjoy and prefer Taninah's peace and tranquility over the busy and commercial beach scene.

In fact, we have often heard our guests say, "the beach was fantastic but it's nice to be back home".

Regardless, Xpu Ha beach is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and it is located just 10 minutes from Taninah.

The 3.5 mile drive to Xpu Ha means you can visit as often and as you like without having to commit to a full day at the beach.

A few of the restaurants located at Xpu Ha offer lounge chairs, umbrellas, and bathrooms to patrons.

So, pick a shaded chaise lounge, order a cold Corona, and enjoy the beach - all the while knowing Taninah's peace and tranquility, smiling staff, and delicious meals await your return.

A question of value.

Taninah undoubtedly represents an exceptional vacation value. By combining a unique and exotic experience, personal attention, unparalleled amenities, privacy, and outrageous meals no other vacation option can hold a candle to a Taninah experience.

  • Depending on group dynamics (number of guests, number of children, and ages of children) our non-holiday per person per night rate typically ranges between $100 and $150 USD.

  • A Taninah experience includes on-site staff and off-site property manager available 24/7 as well as the private services of our Mayan cook serving breakfast, mid-day snack, and dinner (including the cost of food)!

  • Seven-night rates also include (among other things) a starter beverage package and local/state/federal taxes.

  • Taninah boasts ten-acres of private grounds, five of which have been landscaped into a true jungle paradise.

  • Taninah’s atmosphere, grounds, and amenities are unsurpassed. Quite simply, no other Riviera Maya vacation rental property can offer the diversity or extent of amenities Taninah offers.

  • Compared to a typical (single structure) rental home, Taninah offers five unique and charming guest houses complimenting five paradise-like acres.

  • When compared to a homogenized and “plastic” resort-vacation (surrounded by tourists to boot), Taninah offers discriminating travelers a singular, genuine, exclusive, and exotic vacation experience.

  • At Taninah, guests use our shopping service or purchase their liquor and beverage preferences at big-box stores. These options eliminate outrageously inflated resort bar tabs.

  • When a Taninah experience, in its entirety, is compared with any other vacation option, our rates represent an outstanding and exceptional value.

Taninah is the most unique vacation experience and exotic rental property in the Riviera Maya and is the only vacation property to have been featured in the media as prominently.

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