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Taninah vs. Other Options

A Taninah Experience vs. a standard hotel vacation

If you've had a chance to review our web site, see our photos, and read our guests' hand written reviews, then we don't have to elaborate on the differences between Taninah and a standard hotel.

standard hotel

If four walls, a television set, a token window, and an AC unit match your vision of ideal vacation accommodations...Taninah is simply not for you.

Those who prefer a standard hotel room in a standard hotel are in the wrong place.

Quite simply...there is nothing "standard" about Taninah.

A Taninah Experience vs. a plastic resort

If you prefer a sterile, homogenized, "plastic" resort, indistinguishable from every other plastic resort in the world, then Taninah is not for you.

Taninah is undeniably the most unique vacation experience and exotic rental property in the Riviera Maya. There is nothing plastic about Taninah - in spirit or reality.


At Taninah, you won’t be surrounded by ornate resort installations, extravagant marble-lined lobbies, or sleep in a glorified room.

Furthermore, you won't be forced to share installations with stereotypical tourists or be gouged every time you want a snack or a refreshing margarita.

At Taninah, you will feel at home, relaxed, and comfortable - surrounded by your family and/or friends in an unparalleled, natural, and genuine atmosphere.

A Taninah Experience vs. an all-inclusive resort

All-inclusive resorts are mass-tourism based operations offering cheap packages.

Make no mistake about it…all-inclusive resorts are filled to capacity with cheap tourists and operated frugally.


Generally speaking, their food is mediocre at best (although you can eat all you want) and their drinks are mixed with cheap liquor served in tiny glasses. Not suprisingly, this formula attracts those who want to be sure and get their money's worth which quite often results in drunk patrons.

An all inclusive resort's success is based on attracting budget tourists who are complacent and comfortable with the concept of mediocrity. There is nothing personal, genuine, special, or unique about an all-inclusive resort vacation.

If feeling like a cow on a cattle drive or hanging out by the pool with a bunch of strangers while an "activity coordinator" screams limbo instructions through a bullhorn is your idea of a good time, then you should definitely consider an all-inclusive resort.


A Taninah Experience vs. an all-inclusive resort is akin to being in-tune with the essence of a destination vs. being isolated from a destination in an artificial environment.

At Taninah, you will experience personalized service vs. the mass-market approach to hospitality. Taninah is an adventurous opportunity and experience vs. a conventional, predictable, and homogenized vacation!

A Taninah Experience vs. a beachfront property

We completely understand the appeal of beachfront accommodations. After all, you've come a long way to enjoy the Caribbean; however, most beachront hotels do not offer ocean view accommodations.


In fact, most hotel rooms in a beach front property are actually relegated to non-beachfront locations. In effect, you are paying for a beachfront property although your room may not be anywhere near the beach.

Taninah is located a short fifteen-minute drive from one of the most spectacular beaches in the world.

Xpu-ha Xpu-ha Xpu-ha Xpu-ha

From Taninah, you can conveniently enjoy the beach as often and for as long as you like.

Most of our guests visit the beach a couple of times during their stay, but more importantly, all of our guests express their happiness upon returning "home" to Taninah.

A Taninah Experience vs. a typical rental home

Unlike most rental properties, Taninah is not a typical rental home on a typical residential lot in a typical residential neighborhood.


Taninah offers five unique and charming guests houses on five manicured acres with an additional five acres of natural jungle - all fenced and gated.

Instead of a being restricted to bedrooms in a typical rental home, a typical front lawn, and a predictable back yard pool, Taninah offers acres of lawns, incredible installations, and incomparable amenities.

If you are considering renting a typical rental home, we urge you to experience Taninah's extensiveness while enjoying its unparalleled family oriented ambiance.

Challenge yourself to think outside the box with a soul enriching Taninah Experience...you won’t regret it!

Taninah is not for everyone.

But if you’re looking for a unique, exotic, and exciting

alternative to a standard and sterile vacation...

will thrill you!

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